Layer 8 Security will assist our customers with Gap Analysis, Strategic Design, Executive Engagement, Consultancy, Business Analysis and Incident Response planning.

Throughout this process Layer 8 Security works alongside its customers to ensure all business practises are running at peak efficiency.


At Layer 8 Security we offer Security Consultancy services with Enterprise Cyber Security Expertise.

The Layer 8 Security team consists of highly skilled IT security experts, engineers, behavioral analysts, phycologists, Forensics Specialists, and many more. Our senior project leaders have been working in the information security industry for many years in many different organizations.

As a customer of Layer 8 Security, we commit to partner with you in developing your information security framework. Your problems are our problems; we are personally engaged with your project from initiation through completion, and dedicate our teams to your business needs. Throughout every consulting project, we share our best practices and corporate knowledge, in this way, we transfer our expertise to our customers.

Gap Analysis

Taking the results from the technology and human Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments, we develop a comprehensive Gap Analysis for our customers.

Aligning with industry best practices, layer 8 Security, provides a detailed report outlining where our customers’ risk profile sits today. We then provide information stating the most efficient and cost effective method to achieve the desired outcome within the specified timeframe.

Business Analysis

Looking at the business as a whole, is an integral step of developing plans for the future. Layer 8 Security identifies business needs and determines solutions to business problems.

Layer 8 Security takes a holistic view of the situation, including examining elements of the organisational structures, staff development issues, current processes and IT systems. In addition to this Layer 8 Security will craft documentation using appropriate standards.

Strategic Design

Strategic design is about applying some of the principles of traditional design to the bigger picture. We redefine how problems are approached, identify opportunities for action, and help deliver more complete and resilient solutions

Executive Engagement

Obtaining Executive Engagement can be a difficult task, Layer 8 Security ensures proposals relate to business needs; raising Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement.

Layer 8 Security follows proven methods to assist our customers in obtaining executive engagement to progress growth and security of the business in the future.

Incident Response Planning

Incident Response Planning provides instructions for responding to several potential scenarios, including data breaches, denial of service/distributed denial of service attacks, firewall breaches, virus or malware outbreaks or insider threats. Without an incident response plan in place, organizations may either not detect the attack in the first place, or not follow proper protocol to contain the threat and recover from it when a breach is detected. Layer 8 Security ensures our customers are well prepared for the future, with a secure Incident Response Plan.


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