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Layer 8 Security specializes in Cyber Security, focusing on the provision of bespoke services and solutions, which are as individual as our customers are.

We tailor these to our clients evolving business requirements.

To ensure a complete and comprehensive offering to address our client’s security risks, our services and solutions are segmented into The 4 pillars, Know, Plan, Build and Monitor

Know – The 1st Critical Pillar

Knowing where the potential security risks may lie, is the first step of any successful risk mitigation strategy. At layer 8 Security, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the knowledge to fully understand their current risk profile in order to accurately plan their strategy for the future.

Layer 8 Security utilizes a Baselining approach to assess our customers’ vulnerabilities, potential threats and issues, be they associated with technologies, processes or the human factor.

Performing a Baseline assessment is critical in knowing the current risk profile.

Layer 8 incorporates services like Vulnerability Assessments of both Technologies & People, Penetration Testing, Gap Analysis, Auditing, Supply Chain Assurance, OT (SCADA), and Compromised Account Monitoring Service.

Our Baseline Analysis offers further investigation into human susceptibility by performing simulated attacks on staff, conducting behavioural analysis and performing Help Desk audits.

Plan – The 2nd Critical Pillar

Planning ensures business and personnel priorities are a key focus when analyzing the known risk profile in conjunction with the desired outcomes.

Layer 8 Security will assist our customers with Consultancy, Business Analysis, Strategic Design, Budget assistance, Executive buy-in and Incident Response planning.

Build – The 3rd Critical Pillar

Building the correct solution for the customer encompasses a bespoke offering tailored exactly to our customer’s needs.
This truly tailored method ensures all of our services such as Implementation, Project Management and Project Assurance are focusing on progressing the customer’s business, while adhering to industry best practices.

Unique solutions encompassing multifactor authentication, single sign-on, end point security, and user behavioural management are just a small part of our vast offering of technological offerings.

Monitor – The 4th Critical Pillar

The Final of the 4 pillars, the Monitor Phase, is crucial in helping to mitigate future security incidents.

Layer 8 Security has developed Australia’s first true On Demand Security Operations Centre Service (ODSOCS).

ODSOCS is available when our customers need it, as a full time subscription service, after hours, or as an overflow service. Our customers can dictate how they utilize ODSOCS.

In addition to the complete flexibility of ODSOCS, we offer additional services such as our Compromised Accounts Monitoring Service (CAMS), Human Error Monitoring, Incident Remediation, Patch Management, File Activity Monitoring, Ascertainment and Forensics allowing our customers to be in full control of their security landscape and any potential risks

As it is known, it is impossible to make an organization 100% secure but by following these four pillars, our customers are at the forefront of a complete risk mitigation strategy that allows them to sleep well at night and run their organization at the most secure and efficient level.

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