Want to secure Your Business From Security Threats?

You’ve come to the right place. layer8security is the place for next-generation Cyber-Security Awareness company protect their people, data and brand against advanced threats and compliance risks.

Layer 8 Security has developed Australia’s first fully measurable Security Behaviour Framework.

Layer 8 Security offers a complete suite of Cyber security awareness solutions that leverage progressive training techniques to effectively improve human response against cyber-attacks.

At Layer 8 Security, we believe that to be effective, training should leverage proven principles and it should be delivered continuously throughout the year. Unfortunately, much of the training delivered today consists of videos and PowerPoint presentations delivered once a year.

Board members, senior executive staff, Information security officers and risk managers should shift to a continuous, cyclical training approach, which offers measurable benefits.

Though we believe that PowerPoint presentations and videos can be informational, our experience has shown that they are seldom educational. These types of media can successfully inform end users of dangers, but they are not engaging or inspiring enough to bridge the gap between awareness and understanding.

Interactive cybersecurity awareness training methods help users absorb and appropriately recall the knowledge and tactics necessary to be aware of the tactics used by cyber criminals and then subsequently, avoid the attack.

We know the value of a balanced, thoughtful approach that draws on proven principles. That’s why our framework, which employs a cyclical model of assessment, education, reinforcement, and measurement, has helped our customers change behaviours within their organizations and reduce the effects from cyber criminals, malware infections and successful phishing attacks by up to 90%.

We are not advocating removing security technologies, but a true Defence in Depth approach requires all facets of the organization to be working together to address cyber security awareness.

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