Cyber Strength Maturity Assessment

Our Cyber Strength Baseline Maturity assessment survey helps you gauge your employees’ knowledge about topics that are critical to a strong security posture. We have developed a comprehensive portfolio of questions that cover a range of subjects, including safe interactions with emails, URLs, and websites; social media behaviour, proper use of mobile devices and remote working; understanding and avoiding social engineering scams, and other behaviours that can negatively impact your people, areas, data, and systems.

We recommend starting with a broad assessment across all subject areas to get an overall understanding of employee knowledge. However, if there are particular topic areas where you are concerned about knowledge gaps, you can create a highly focused assessment. You can also create your own questions to assess understanding of company-specific policies and the pervasiveness of known issues

You can assess your staff on the following topic areas using our portfolio of questions:

  • Phishing
  • Social engineering
  • Passwords
  • Messaging
  • Internet browsing
  • Remote working and Mobile device security
  • Information protection and DLP
  • Social networking
  • Document protection

We recommend that you pair our Cyber Strength assessments with our simulated attacks. If your organization is not receptive to using mock attacks, these scenario-based questions offer a less invasive opportunity for evaluating knowledge levels. You can use and analyze the data gathered through the course of the assessments to plan a targeted approach to awareness training.

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