Ascertainment Service

To further assist our customers we also offer a service to measure the success of your Security Awareness Program. This program is best combined with our Baseline service which would provide a strong measurement of the success of your awareness program.

In order to ensure the success of your program, measurement of the success of the participants needs to be undertaken and compared to the results from the baseline assessment done earlier. Just looking at the quantity of help desk tickets is unlikely to provide any insight into the success of the awareness training program. We often find that after the program, the quantity of tickets addressed via the help desk increases as the employees are now more aware of what to look for and hence, what they report to the help desk.

The assessment needs to address such issues as the severity of the help desk tickets, how easily employees are fooled by new simulated attacks, a comprehensive analysis survey, as well as the quantity and quality of issues reported to the help desk.

Our Security Education Platform’s detailed reporting provides insight into each assessment and education component you choose to include in your security awareness and training program.

As users are completing their training assignments, you can monitor the results and look back over the data that was gathered throughout the assessment and training steps. You’ll be able to review employees’ interactions with Cyber Strength assessments; Fly Phishing, Smishing, Social-Attack and/or Drive-By assessments; and our interactive training modules. You’ll have access to detailed information about who completed which assignments, who fell for specific simulated attacks, which concepts employees understand well, topic areas of weakness, and improvements over time.

Our extensive library of reports provides you with aggregate and individual data that shows completion status of assignments, most missed items, as well as each user’s training report card, and other data about the assignments. As the training completion deadline approaches, you can use the assignment completion report to determine which employees need to be reminded again about the due date of their training assignments. Results will appear immediately and you can gauge employee proficiency and begin to plan the next assessments and the next training module assignments.

At any point in the cycle, you can print reports to provide a summary of results to managers, human resources, executives, and any other interested parties.

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