Baseline Service

Some organisations may already have in-place, a Cyber Security Awareness program to increase employee awareness. To augment this, we offer a service to provide a baseline service allowing you to identify the gaps within your employees knowledge and understanding .

We create custom knowledge assessments, targeted surveys, one on one interviews, and we use simulated attacks to diagnose your organization’s potential vulnerabilities and determine where your end users are most susceptible.

We believe that assessment is a critical first step to security training. It is important to establish a baseline (Gap analysis) understanding of your employees level of security knowledge and understanding prior to kicking off your educational efforts.

This baseline provides a valuable insight into the level of training required and creates a benchmark to measure against as you progress through your program and you continue to reassess and train your employees.

Equally important, this initial assessment provides data to prioritize your plan of attack on the vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your organization. To ensure clear results, consider how you would like to see user data grouped for reporting to management teams and for easy implementation of follow-up training.

After segmenting into various groups, we recommend a multi-pronged evaluation to begin your program: an organization-wide evaluation using our Cyber Strength Knowledge Assessments as well as simulated attacks using our Fly-Phishing attack, Smishing attack, Drive-By attack and Social-Attack products.


This survey is a free behavioural analysis of your susceptibility to being hacked.

Once you have done this survey, we will contact you with your rating and susceptibility score


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