The 4 Pillars

Pillar 1: Baseline – Assess Knowledge

a. Break users into functional, geographic, and access level groups as appropriate

b. Issue a broad cyber security assessment to gain baseline knowledge

c. Deliver simulated phishing, smishing, social and memory device attacks

d. Review results to determine training modules to assign

Pillar 2: Educate via In-depth Training Modules

a. Select the training modules that will strengthen employee knowledge in the top three areas of weakness

b. Ensure that victims of simulated attacks are either assigned training within a shorter timeframe; schedule general training assignments to be completed within 30 days to ensure progress

Pillar 3: Reinforce with Security Awareness Materials

a. Use our tools to take advantage of your employee’s knowledge about attacks and enable them to report a suspicious activity

b. Display screen savers, posters, share articles, and reinforce security best practices throughout your workplace

c. Reward employees and security advocates with small gifts and tokens to recognize and encourage good behaviors

Pillar 4: Ascertainment – Analyze Results

a. Review Security Education Platform reports to determine training saturation and potential areas of weakness

b. Use this data and analysis to determine the next phase of assessment and training

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