Information Protection and Destruction

Over the last few years many organizations across all different sectors have seen sensitive internal information stolen, lost or purposely leaked. This data loss or leakage is, through theft or loss, intentional or unintentional, has caused organizations to lose millions, if not billions, of dollars in direct and indirect costs. Furthermore, their reputation and brands may have suffered great damage.

The majority of data leakage incidents is caused by internal users and trusted third parties, including intentional and unintentional leakage. To protect against data leakage many organizations implement various kinds of data leakage prevention (DLP) solutions. The goal is to limit and control the users’ ability to transfer information or data off the organization’s network to non-organization-owned devices. The major problem with these DLP solutions is they are either too tightly locked down, the employees can’t do their job) or too loose and they may as well not be in place.

Recently, I had the CEO of a large organisation ask me to make his organisation 100% safe from data loss. I advised him that this was an easy task. Shut the company down. There is no DLP solution that is 100% effective. This is why we need to augment the technical and procedural solutions with security awareness education.

We teach your employees how to be aware of the information that they are working with and the consequences of its loss. We show them the different ways that information can leave an organization as well as how to safely use portable storage devices and media. They will also learn techniques for properly disposing of and destroying confidential data and files.

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