How can any strategy be correctly addressed without a comprehensive understanding of the current state of your organisations risks and threats?

At layer 8 Security, we utilize innovative technologies and methodologies to assist our customers in the discovery process to ensure they know the exact the state of their organization.

The biggest threats are the ones you don’t know about. These can hide dormant within organisations for months, even years, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

Assessing each facet of the organisation allows our customers to fully identify which areas that may be at risk. Utilizing the technology, process and people approach to assess vulnerability, Layer 8 Security can pinpoint specific areas that require attention, even if they relate to the staff.

We provide Vulnerability Assessment of Technology & People, Penetration Testing, IT Auditing, Supply Chain Assurance, OT (SCADA) Vulnerability Assessment, Compromised Account Identification Service and Baseline Analysis.

Vulnerability Assessment, Technology & People

 Layer 8 Security identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes the vulnerabilities within the security landscape. Not only identifying the vulnerabilities of the technology, Layer 8 Security has developed methodologies of testing human beings for vulnerabilities. Once identified results are partnered with other findings to provide a matured set of discoveries to ensure all potential risks are documented and mitigated in the future.

Penetration Testing

Layer 8 Security’s Penetration Testing has various levels of testing, Soft, Medium and Hard. The strength of a Penetration Test depends on the individual customer. Soft Penetration Testing consists of finding the vulnerabilities and reporting to the customer. Medium Penetration Testing allows the customer to dictate certain vulnerabilities they would like exploited. Finally, Hard Penetration Testing, this service not only finds the vulnerabilities but exploits them to the full extent, this allows our customers to understand the full potential of their security risk and how to patch these findings.

Supply Chain Assurance

An often neglected area of security is to ensure that your suppliers and partners are also secure. Any breach inside third party organisations can lead to unfettered access into your organisation.

Supply Chain Assurance gives our customers the ability to ensure all parties that perform business with their organisation are adhering to industry best practice standards when it comes to security.

Compromised Account Identification Service

Layer 8 Security offers a truly unique service with Compromised Account Identification Service. We work with our customers to offer the ability to identify accounts within organisations that may be compromised by cybercriminals.

This is 100% ethical and is only performed with permissions and approvals from our customers. Monitoring frequent hotspots on the dark web Layer 8 Security can identify whether our customer’s corporate data has been compromised.

Baseline Analysis

Our Baseline Analysis offers true analysis and investigation into human vulnerability by performing behavioural pattern analysis, simulated attacks on staff, assessing and performing Help desk audits and identifying areas of human weakness as it relates to security. Entirely customizable our baseline service provides the data set for layer 8 Security to develop a comprehensive understanding of where our customers staff weaknesses lie and what areas require special focus.

SCADA Analysis

Many SCADA systems were implemented without much thought to their security, so, steps need to be taken to tighten security properly. Layer 8 Security has many years of expertise in auditing and securing SCADA systems.

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