Methodology – incorporating the 4 Pillars

To ensure a complete and comprehensive offering to address our client’s security risks, our services and solutions are segmented into The 4 pillars.


We create custom knowledge, culture, attitude, and behaviour assessments, targeted surveys, one on one interviews, and we use simulated attacks to diagnose your organization’s potential vulnerabilities and determine where your end users are most susceptible.
This provides a baseline in which you can measure the maturity of your staff and the success of the program.


This process starts with an exciting and engaging session with your staff to help them understand what the program is all about and why they should actively undertake a proactive approach to cyber security awareness.

We then offer to maximize learning and retention with a broad set of focused interactive training modules. This is then followed up with regular face to face engagements to update them on their progress and any new attack vectors being encountered around the world.


Remind your employees about best practices by bringing messaging into the workplace and providing methods for them to report suspicious activity, providing positive feedback for each reporting instance.
Share articles, display posters and images, reward participants with security-minded gifts, and more.


We use data and analysis to drive strategies and effectively guide current and future efforts.

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