Up to 70 percent of data breaches are detected by third parties rather than by organisations own security operations teams, a clear indication that most current methods of security monitoring are inadequate.

Layer 8 Security can provide services to assist our customers in Monitoring and Repairing their complex security environments.

Services such as our On Demand Security Operations Centre Service (ODSOCS), Compromised Accounts Monitoring Service (CAMS), Human Error Monitoring, Incident Remediation, Patch Management, File Activity Monitoring, Ascertainment and Forensics allow our customers to be fully aware of their security landscape and any potential risks.

On Demand Security Operations Centre

Layer 8 Security offers Australia’s first true On Demand Security Operation Service, ODSOCS.

ODSOCS offers our customers the ability to monitor their organisations security infrastructure when they need it. Holiday monitoring, after hours, weekend or 24x7x365.

We can provide identification, alerting, and remediation for any organisation, when they need it, how they need it and within almost any budget.

Compromised Account Monitoring Service

Layer 8 Security offers a truly unique service with Compromised Account Monitoring Service (CAMS), working with customers we offer the ability to identify and monitor accounts within organisations that may be compromised.

This is 100% ethical and is only performed with permissions and approvals from our customers, monitoring frequent hotspots on the dark web Layer 8 Security can identify whether our customer’s corporate data is available for purchase by cyber criminals.

Human Error Monitoring

Utilizing advanced methods and technologies, Layer 8 Security has incorporated Human Error Monitoring into our ODSOCS.

Layer 8 Security can identify individual users that may require further security training or assistance in specific areas of the business.

Incident Remediation

Should we find that a security incident has occurred, Layer 8 Security has the ability to help our customers to remediate the issue.

Depending on the incident and customer request, Layer 8 Security can completely customise this service. Should the incident require further attention we have a team dedicated to forensics.

File Activity Monitoring

Layer 8 Security’s File Activity Monitoring allows our customers to discover the sensitive data on servers and configure policies to create rules about data access and actions to be taken when rules are met.

In addition to this we alert customers when access to these files is obtained by anyone other than privileged users. Alternately we can monitor all files (upload, download, copy, edit, move, etc.), providing reporting on what files require the most attention.


Layer 8 Security provide the Ascertainment Service, which we look over the initial human baseline audits and compare to real-time reports to provide our customers with the ROI of their SAT program.


Should the worst happen; action may be required. Layer 8 Security has a team dedicated to assisting our customers through the tough times. Walking our customers through step by step we remove the stress of a breach and legal actions that are associated. Finally, this is a completely customizable service, our customers dictate how in-depth they would like the forensics to go.

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