Privileged Users

Privileged users come in many forms, IT staff, Board members, Executive staff, payroll, finance, purchasing, and many more.

Privileged accounts are valid credentials used to gain access to systems. The difference is that they also provide elevated, non-restrictive access to the underlying platform that non-privileged user accounts don’t have access too.

These accounts are the most powerful in any organization, which is why attackers seek to exploit them in every advanced attack. Given the preponderance of privileged-based attacks, it’s time for best practice security procedures to be updated.

If you wanted to target an organisation to perform some criminal activity, wouldn’t you identify who is holding the keys to the castle and target them?

We address this module to address the risks and remediation for these roles. We have organized the training according to the following topics:

a.    Current practices in assigning privilege user access

b.    The detection of insider privilege abuse

c.     Solutions for mitigating the risk

d.    Budgets and investment in reducing the risk of insider threats

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