Remote Working & BYOD Security

Gone are the days when we only sat inside an office to work. Today, telecommuting, working remotely, external collaboration, BYOD and the ability to work beyond the office play an integral part in employees daily activities. With this freedom and flexibility comes new risks, like insecure WiFi, lost devices, man in the middle attacks, DLP issues and watering hole attacks, just to name a few.

Within an office network, security controls can be enforced more easily to minimise risk. If a user is working from home, however, other family members may unknowingly download an infected file on a home computer that could spread to the work laptop. Or if a home wireless network is set up insecurely, it could allow unauthorised access to other devices in the home.

As a result, businesses rely on employees to have a good level of cyber security awareness both in the office and when working remotely. This human element of cyber security is more important than ever in helping keep individuals and organisations secure in the digital age.

In this module. employees will learn best practices for keeping your data, network, and equipment safe when working outside the office. Topics include safe use of Wi-Fi networks, the dangers of public computers, and practical physical security measures.

Whether you issue mobile devices to your employees or you are a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) organization, your employees can benefit from our interactive training and suggested best practices for safe use of mobile devices. Users will learn the importance of physical and technical safeguards and ways to improve the security of their mobile devices communications and connections.

We also incorporate training that focuses on mobile applications. We teach users how to research app components and the implications of dangerous permissions, which can help them judge the reliability and safety of mobile applications prior to downloading.

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