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The Security Awareness Survey is designed to measure levels of awareness before, during, and after your education programme. You can use the results to prove changes in employee behaviour and demonstrate return on investment (ROI).

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The benefits

The Security Awareness Survey will:
  • Benchmark your initial levels of security awareness prior to, and during your security education programme.
  • Determine current employee’s behaviour, perceptions, attitudes and opinions of security.
  • Highlight security weaknesses that could put your organisation at risk.
  • Identify security strengths that can enhance your organisation’s reputation.
  • Support your business case for security awareness.
  • Help direct your security awareness strategy.

The survey results will highlight any gaps in employee’s knowledge which could lead to insecure behaviour in the workplace. This, in turn, could put your organisation at risk. The data can be used to support your business case for funding security awareness initiatives.

Baselining initial levels of awareness also assists with measuring any changes in behaviour that occur as a result of the programme.

The survey report will summarise the results, highlighting employees’ opinions about various areas of information security and how it is currently managed. This information is used to develop targeted security awareness campaigns that increase awareness of correct behaviours and address any gaps in knowledge.

The structure

The Security Awareness Survey is recommended for all types of education programs. It can be rolled out to the entire employee population or to a representative sample. Conducting the survey on an anonymous basis is often likely to elicit more honest responses.

The Security Awareness Survey focuses on common threats and uses a variety of question formats that require employees to indicate their opinions, behaviours and understanding.

A set of optional questions can be added to further enhance the survey data.

The survey report

The survey data will be compiled and analysed in a comprehensive report that identifies:

  • Gaps in knowledge of security responsibilities.
  • Areas where employee understanding is good, and bad
  • Areas of concern regarding secure behaviour in the workplace.
  • Areas of poor attitude and opinions.
  • Areas that require specific focus.
  • Breakdown of departmental areas and any specific requirements.
  • A rating against industry best practice.

To request us to perform an ethical simulated attack on your staff, please click Here.


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