Simulated Attacks

Our Fly Phishing, Smishing, Social-Attack and Drive-By simulated attack tools can help you evaluate your employees’ understanding of the dangers associated with Phishing, Smishing, Social Engineering, Social Media and USB attacks.

Through finely targeted mock attacks, you can evaluate your organization’s level of susceptibility in a safe, controlled manner. You’ll get a sense of how your employees would respond to phishing and spear phishing emails (Fly Phishing), malicious SMS/text messages (Smishing), social engineering phone calls, social media attacks and infected/unauthorized storage devices (Drive-By) without exposing your network to an actual attack. This helps you gauge how vulnerable your organization could be to these dangerous and pervasive threats.

In the initial stages of your program, we recommend implementing a Fly Phishing campaign and a Smishing campaign simultaneously. Because these two threat vectors are so prevalent, phishing, in particular, it’s critical to establish a baseline of your employees’ susceptibility to these types of attacks.

Social-Attack allows to you addressing the increase mobility and social nature of our workforce today including remote working and meetings in the local coffee shop. We use many different attacks to ascertain the susceptibility of your employees and how they react when an attack is in progress.

Drive-By simulated attacks can be implemented at any point in your annual program to reinforce your policies about the responsible use of removable memory devices, but we recommend pairing all of the simulated attacks early in the program so you can understand your vulnerabilities and incorporate the results into your education program.

Our Fly Phishing, Smishing, Social-Attack and Drive-By tools prime your employees to learn how to avoid actual attacks. Any employee who falls for a mock attack is automatically presented with a Teachable Moment, which explains the situation and provides practical guidance and tips for future reference.

This approach — which pairs simulated attacks with just-in-time teaching — is an excellent forerunner to our interactive training modules because it motivates and engages your employees. Our data shows that employees who fall for a mock attack are up to 90% more likely to complete follow-up training.

In addition, our reporting functions gather actionable data, so you can evaluate how your employees’ behaviours could negatively impact the security of your networks, data, and systems. You can also use the results to plan and focus your future security awareness and training efforts.

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