Web Aware

The Internet has become a powerful tool for our daily activities. We use it to search for information, shop online, watch movies, connect almost anything to it (Internet of Things) and manage our finances. In almost all of these cases, the primary tool we use is a web browser, such as Safari, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. Our browser is, in many ways, our gateway to the Internet.

Because so many people around the world use and depend on browsers for their daily Internet activities, our browser is a primary target for cyber attackers. These individuals have developed specialized hacking tools and built malicious websites designed to silently hack into our browser. Once hacked, attackers quickly gain total control of our computer and all of our information without us knowing.

With the increased use of mobile devices, our ability to hover over a URL to know exactly where it is taking us, has been removed. TinyURLs are also used to mask the destination of the link.

This training teaches your employees how to avoid many of the common pitfalls and dangers associated with web browsing. They will learn how to identify potentially dangerous URLs, identify Waterhole attacks, avoid malware, virus downloads, and spot Internet scams.

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