Managed Services

Layer 8 Security delivers flexible and professional Managed Services to provide you with a hands off approach to ensuring a successful Security Awareness Program.

In our research, we discovered that time, not budget, is the critical resource for success in running an effective Security Awareness Program. It isn’t about just placing some staff in front of a computer screen and hoping that they absorb some of the information.

What does time specifically mean? We define it as the combined effort of people who contribute to an awareness program, measured as total number of full-time employees (FTEs).

For example, if you have two people each working half time on your awareness program, combined their efforts are one FTE. Far too many organizations view awareness as a part-time job, crippling their awareness team’s ability to effectively get things done.

We found the minimum number of FTEs required to change behaviour at an organizational level was 1.4 FTEs, while the most successful awareness programs had at least 2.6 FTEs dedicated to awareness.

We can take that challenge and burden away from you.

We can run your complete program, from managing the training material, providing specific courses to specific departments, build and run Induction training, Discussion groups, simulated attacks, measurement, reporting etc over a 1, 2 or 3 year term.

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