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We solve the problem of cybersecurity behavioural risks and security awareness programs. 

With 75% of all security breaches being a result of humans, we need to address human behaviour to reduce this risk.

Many people believe that running a security awareness training course will mitigate this risk. Unfortunately, security awareness training and simulated phishing, whether it is run once a year to tick a compliance box or run continuously throughout the year only address one small section of the problem.

We need to look at how people behave and how they respond to certain circumstances, stimuli, and situations. Knowledge/awareness alone won’t change an organisations risk profile. What motivates people to act in certain ways? What is their perspective on security as it relates to their personal lives? If their attitude is wrong, or the corporate culture is bad then their behaviour will be in conflict with their knowledge.

Layer 8 Security reduces the impact of cybercrime by testing and fixing the Human Firewall.

Instead of providing standard training, we have customised training approach for each individual within the organisation based on their security profile, encompassing their behaviour, attitude, and knowledge towards security. We try to change the security culture within the organisation instead of targeting just one aspect of security.

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Why do we do it?

Technology alone isn’t the answer.  More than 52% of all security breaches are directly due to human error. Many companies currently have a basic form of security awareness, phishing, some training and then some more phishing.

This won’t address the behaviour. It only helps the people who may have a little knowledge gap:

  • Just because your staff knows about it, does not mean they will behave accordingly.
  • Want to measure the behaviour, attitude, and knowledge of staff towards security? Contact us

How do we do it?

Our framework is capable of measuring the risk level right down to each individual within the organisation.

Our Baseline allows us to undertake a Gap Analysis of your people, what they know, their average attitude towards security, how your current culture impacts their attitude and finally, their behaviour and how they respond to situations. This baseline / Gap Analysis allows us to start to measure the maturity of your staff and the success of the program. To enhance this, we can provide a Complete Managed Service, removing the costs and hassles of doing it yourself.   Book a free demo of the activities.