Who is Layer 8 Security?

What do we do?

1Layer 8 Security reduces the impact of cyber crime by testing and fixing the Human Firewall. What does that really mean?

Layer 8 Security specializes in Human Security, focusing on the provision of services and solutions, to address the risks Humans pose to Security. People are not like technology, you can’t turn them off.

We use a program approach to testing, measuring, and base-lining humans to identify the issues and then begin the process to fixing issues, knowledge, behaviour, culture, attitude and perceptions of your staff to minimize the possible impact of cyber crime.

Why do we do it?

2As Cyber crime increases in volume and severity, we need to look at the most effective ways  of combating the cyber criminals.

Technology alone isn’t the answer.  52% of all security breaches are due to human error.

The business impact can be seen as corporate reputation loss, leaked intellectual property to competitors, financial loss, or even loss of customer confidence.

An impact on any of these could be fatal to your business. 60% of small companies that suffer a cyber attack are out of business within six months.

What is the first thing most people do when they inadvertently click on a Phishing email? They realize their mistake and delete the email. Its now too late. The process of the criminal is in train.

How many people use the same password on multiple accounts because its too hard to remember lots of different passwords?

How do we do it?

3To ensure a complete and comprehensive offering to address our client’s security risks, our services and solutions are designed to address human beings, their Knowledge, Culture, Attitudes and Behaviour. To enhance this, we can provide a Complete Managed Service, removing the costs and hassles of doing yourself.

  • Knowing where the potential security risks may lie, is the first step of any successful risk mitigation strategy. Create a baseline, measuring your staff knowledge, attitude, behaviour and culture, add this to simulated attacks to see how they respond, and a good baseline can be established.
  • Planning ensures business and personnel priorities are a key focus when analyzing the known risk profile in conjunction with the desired outcomes.
  • Building the correct solution for the customer encompasses a bespoke offering tailored exactly to our customer’s needs.
  • Monitoring is crucial in helping to mitigate future security incidents.
  • Reporting on the success or issues of the programs to better understand the ROI and areas of focus.


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