Cyber Security Awareness Training for the Finance Industry

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Facing cyber security threats for financial organisations head on

For financial services organisations, security is of the utmost importance. However, even with the most advanced technical safeguards in place, the human factor remains the most significant vulnerability for companies. In fact, 95% of all cyber attacks worldwide are caused by human error*.

Beyond safeguarding your assets, there are also unique insurance implications financial organisations must consider. APRA-regulated entities are expected to have training and information security awareness programs in place to educate personnel (staff, contractors, and third parties) on information security practices, policies, and expectations.

Layer 8 are the Australian experts in human risk management for cyber security. We solve the problem of cybersecurity behavioural risks by providing a variety of tried and tested cyber awareness solutions that educate staff in an immersive and targeted manner. Our approach focuses on the behaviours, attitudes, culture and knowledge (BACKs) needed to secure your organisation and mitigate risk by ensuring the key messages are gained and retained by your team long into the future.

* The Hacker News


Layer 8 Security

We are a long-standing provider of cyber awareness training in Australia, and our approach to training and educating your staff is the critical differentiator in our cyber security solutions. Our immersive training programs are scientifically proven to increase knowledge retention compared to traditional training courses. Ensuring the essential security learnings around cyber best practices are gained and retained by staff is key to driving behavioural and team culture changes that are instilled long-term into your organisation’s culture.

Finance Customer Success Story

Leading Aussie super fund reaches unprecedented cyber awareness milestone with Layer 8

As a leading Australian super fund, our customer needed to continually be on top of their game to ensure their clients and investments receive the utmost care and value for their money while ensuring their systems and staff are protected from escalating cyber threats.

The concerned super fund reached out to Layer 8 for their services, who discovered the organisation had a cyber risk rating exceeding 90% with vulnerabilities including dark web exposure, phishing attacks, social engineering risks, and highly vulnerable staff behaviours across all departments.

Read our customer success story to learn how the super fund, with Layer 8’s support, reduced their risk rating by 80%.


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