Cyber Security Awareness Training

Building a secure cyber baseline for your staff

Effective cyber security and risk mitigation is all about your people

Cyber attacks continue to grow in volume and evolve in sophistication. Flexible workforces and increased reliance on cloud-based apps and data only add more entry points for today’s hackers to target. 

With the cost of cyber attacks on Aussie businesses exceeding $33 billion last year, it is something no business can afford to ignore.

While this is an increasingly complex problem, the answer for mitigating most of these risks is simple: employee cyber awareness. This can be done with cyber security awareness training. Researchers at Stanford University recently found that 88% of all breaches are directly caused by human error, and employees are consistently the most targeted and breached aspect in the digital world.

Introducing Layer 8 Cyber Security Awareness Training Programs

Layer 8 Security has been an Australian-owned and grown Cyber Security institution since 2011. We have successfully guided thousands of Australians through our world-class cyber awareness programs and converted them into their organisation’s first line of defence against escalating risks, empowering them to act as a human firewall rather than cyber vulnerabilities.

Our approach to training and educating your staff is the critical differentiator in our security solutions. We deploy a strategy called BACKS (Behaviour, Attitude, Culture and Knowledge) ensuring targeted security learnings around cyber best practices are gained and retained by staff and ensuring that behaviours and team culture are instilled long-term across your organisation.

Baseline Packages

Cyber Awareness Assessments & Training

For effective Human Risk Management, you need to know where you stand and providing a cyber baseline of your staff across your organisation is a crucial focal point for the Layer 8 team.

Layer 8 provides you with an understanding of your staff’s security awareness and capabilities by utilising their BACKS strategy (Behaviour, Attitude, Culture and Knowledge). By assessing all four of these areas concerning cyber security, Layer 8 can comprehensively identify their strengths, weaknesses enabling them to target specific areas with specific staff members to make the most impact across your organisation.

We offer three alternative options for practical cyber security baseline analysis and subsequent training to suit any organisation’s size, availability and budget. These offerings will provide you with Layer 8 Cyber Awareness Certification Level 2 when coupled with Cyber Escape Room or additional awareness training programs.



  • 12-month program
  • Initial user B.A.C.K.S assessment
  • Monthly online cyber training material delivered to users
  • Dark web monitoring per user
  • Monthly automated phishing test campaigns
  • Kill phish button for email reporting
  • Microsoft 365 integration
  • Monthly executive report


  • 12-month program
  • Essentials +
  • Dark web monitoring advanced [per user and per domain]
  • 1 Domain included (Additional Domains available to add)
  • 2 x Advanced phishing Campaigns per year (3mths/ 9mths)
  • 1 x Progress B.A.C.K.S Assessment (Month 11)
  • Quarterly review of progress & presentation on recommendations


  • 12-month program
  • Advanced +
  • 3 x advanced phishing campaigns per year (Months 3 / 6 / 9)
  • 2 x SMS campaigns per year (Months 4 / 8)
  • 2 x progress B.A.C.K.S assessment (Months 6 / 11)
  • Premium training content specifically targeted to users
  • Learning cards and supporting content
  • Course completion tracking and reporting
  • Monthly reinforcement content
  • Monthly review of progress & presentation on recommendations

Taking your Cyber Security to the next level

Once your baseline has been established and initial awareness program deployed, we provide various additional services to equip your organisation now and into the future to remain secure and eliminate the potential for a breach or attack. For specific outcomes to broaden your organisational cyber maturity and reinforce vital learnings, we encourage these additional services to fortify your team from cyber threats and reach a Layer 8 Cyber Awareness Level 3 certification.

Security Awareness Learning

Convert staff into cyber heroes and cultivate a security mindset and culture that prioritises the protection of your organisation’s data. We provide 12 month standalone comprehensive learning programs that incorporate all cyber awareness modules.

Team Building Games

Active participation is the key for an enhanced learning experience and knowledge retention for your team while providing an enjoyable

Baseline Your Team

Understand your people, what they know, their attitude and behaviour towards security to assess the maturity and success of training.

Compromised Accounts

Compromised accounts are the root cause of many breaches. Understanding the risk, the process and the steps users can take to safeguard their credentials is critical.

Social Engineering & Phishing

Targeting staff, social engineering and phishing attacks can truly only be prevented with a program that accurately measures and tests your team.

Historical Incident & Response Analysis

Understanding how staff have previously behaved when presented with a security incident, allows us to better understand their behavioural and attitudinal characteristics.

Password Hygiene

How do your team manage passwords? What makes a good password? What is the policy? Educating people on the best way to create a password to safeguard not only work but their personal information to ensure they are adequately protected.

Physical Security

Understanding the security risks to your assets in the physical world is often overlooked. Taking stock of the security measures around the physical location of your people, assets and data and ensuring they’re adequately secured is paramount for every organisation.

Knowledge Reinforcement

Reinforcing the messages taught during the education phase increase staff knowledge retention and helps to encourage a culture of security.

If cyber security is on your mind, or needs to be, please get in touch with the cyber experts at Layer 8 Security and begin your journey towards a safer and more secure future for your organisation.