The Layer 8 Difference

Immersive learning and knowledge retention

Australia has become a hotspot for cyber attacks

Australia has become a ripe target for the world’s hackers, becoming the most breached country in November 2022, with a reported 22 accounts hacked every minute. With costs exceeding 33 billion dollars last financial year, it is far too costly a threat not to take seriously.

This is where Layer 8 steps in. Instead of providing formal training that ticks boxes, we have a customised learning approach for each individual within the organisation based on their security profile, encompassing their behaviour, attitude, and knowledge towards security. We change the security culture within the organisation instead of targeting just one aspect of security.

Australia became the most breached country in the world in 2022.


A reported 22 accounts are hacked in Australia every minute.

The costs of cyber attacks on Australian businesses has exceeded 33 billion dollars.

95% of data breaches are the result of human error.

95% of knowledge taught in a traditional lecture format is not retained by participants.

The science of gaining and maintaining cyber awareness

While many would agree that cyber awareness training is fundamental for any business, traditional cyber training is too easily forgotten or ignored by busy staff. 

If you struggle to remember traditional training sessions in the days and weeks after completion, you are not alone and do not need to be concerned with your cognitive ability. The science behind knowledge retention backs you up!

Research confirms that information retention is inversely proportional to the elapsed time since the training. The forgetting curve is a mathematical formula that describes the rate at which something is forgotten after it is initially learned. This idea is over 100 years old from German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus who was among the first scientists to perform experiments to understand how memory works.

Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

Time, however, is not the only foe of knowledge retention. How you impact knowledge plays a crucial role in whether it is retained and for how long. The Learning Pyramid of Knowledge Retention Rates breaks down teaching methods and their effectiveness in improving retention. The pyramid highlights the need for engagement and putting learning into practice as vital for retention.

The Learning Pyramid: Knowledge retention rates

Converting human risks into a human firewall

95% of data breaches result from human error, so this must take priority when it comes to your risk mitigation strategy. Our cyber awareness learning aims to evolve your staff into a human firewall by using cyber best practices to become your first defence against hackers.

Our approach to training and educating your staff is the critical differentiator in our cyber security solutions. Our immersive learning programs are scientifically proven to increase knowledge retention compared to traditional training courses. Ensuring the essential security learnings around cyber best practices are gained and retained by staff is key to driving behavioural and team culture changes that are instilled long-term into your organisation’s culture.

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We have over a decade of experience delivering cyber awareness education to businesses. We share our best practices and corporate knowledge in line with industry best practices and global standards throughout every consulting project. In this way, we transfer our expertise to our customers, providing you with the ability to confidently monitor, manage, and improve your risk posture on an ongoing basis.