3 reasons you need cyber security awareness training

Cyber security training has become critical, especially in light of the recent Optus data breach. With details such as email addresses and phone numbers leaked, people must be vigilant about any communications they receive. While the Optus breach is a primary concern for individuals, it serves as a reminder of the value of cyber security awareness training to defend against the threat actors attempting to gain access to company information.

Cyber security awareness training gives your team the tools to identify and avoid cyber security threats. It can also serve as a way to help them understand the importance of following security protocols. 

Reducing the risk of human error

Human error is when someone shares confidential information accidentally by sending it to the wrong people, publishing it or losing a device with sensitive data stored on it. Human error is one of the leading causes of data breaches, accounting for 41% of data breaches in Australia between July–December 2021.

Cyber security awareness training can help your team avoid mistakes that could lead to data breaches. By providing employees with this type of training, you can reduce the risk of information sent accidentally and to the wrong people. Your cyber security awareness program must be ongoing and remind people of best practices when sharing data.

Strengthening the remote workforce

You must provide cyber security awareness training for employees working remotely. Unsecured home networks can expose sensitive data. People working from a device attached to a public network, such as in their local cafe, could also put organisational data at risk. Even IoT devices used in the home can become weak points for cyber criminals to exploit.

So, your team needs to understand the cyber security risks of unsecured networks and recognise threats or suspicious behaviour. Regular and engaging cyber security training provides people with the necessary tools to work securely from home, protecting themselves and your organisation. Additionally, it is vital to keep the training relevant and up-to-date. As new threats emerge, your training should evolve to address them.

Building a cyber security culture

Regarding cyber security, it is better to have a proactive rather than a reactive approach. A good way to create this is by building it into your company culture by instilling the importance of cyber security and making it an initiative that involves everyone, from the C-suite to entry-level staff.

When creating a cyber security culture, cyber security awareness training is essential. It’s not enough to have a few key people in an organisation responsible for cyber security. Everyone needs the tools to understand how they can play a role in keeping the organisation safe.

Boost cyber security awareness training with an escape room

Our Cyber Escape Rooms are a tried and true method of ensuring your team gain and retain valuable cyber security and awareness knowledge. Whether working remotely or finding a cause to get the team back together, we can tailor a physical or virtual Cyber Escape Room to suit your group. You can book a preview session to learn more about the experience.

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