Can you Hack IT?

Layer 8 Security has developed the first, automated, theme-based, and fully portable, Cyber Escape Room to enhance the way in which Security Awareness is taught.

Below are some screenshots from the New Virtual Cyber Escape Room.

There is a video introduction into the game, explaining the rules and concepts.


The talented “Anonymous” explains the rules.

Click the here to watch the video





This next image shows the first room, with its challenges and clues.

Look around the room, click on items and solve the challenges.

Not all of the answers on this page necessarily relate to the items on this page

This is the next room, with its challenges.




Now, look around the room to identify more challenges and keys.


This is the room in which you have to unlock the case to get the access card to open the door.








Look around the room to identify more challenges and keys.



After you have finished the game, we take you through the Learning Concepts that you encountered during the game.

The benefits of this game are the fun learning experience with reinforced teaching of the learning concepts




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