Clean desk policy – What a joke.

Everyone has a clean desk, right? And there is no security concerns with having a messy, untidy or cluttered desk, right?

Maybe, you clean your desk when you leave the office?

Many people leave the office at night with a plethora of paperwork on their desk. “It will be safe as my office is locked overnight.”, many people say.

What sort of information is left on your desk, customer information, patient files, confidential company information, staff information, financials, legal documents, intellectual property data, or personal identifiable information?

Believing that your desk is safe is a belief that can come back to bite you.

Here are some questions that you may wish to consider.

  • Does your company employ cleaners?
  • What time do they come in?
  • Are they monitored or accompanied by security staff while they are cleaning your office?
  • Do they have unvetted access of your office while they are here?
  • Have they had security checks done on the individuals’ cleansers?
  • What are they doing with the information left on your desk?


Lock away your documents and lock your computer.

An easy way to lock a Windows computer is Windows key + L


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