How cyber awareness training can transform your MSP business

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you are responsible for assisting your clients with protecting their IT infrastructure, which increasingly requires sensitivity and awareness regarding cyber security. Even if you implement technology for cyber security controls, these are not enough to make a business as strong as possible against threats.

Cyber security awareness training educates your team on recognising and avoiding threats like phishing scams, social engineering attacks, malware, and ransomware. So, if you are an MSP, why should you partner with a cyber security awareness provider?

Enhance internal practices to boost client trust

Your team are responsible for managing and maintaining the IT infrastructure of your clients, which often involves handling sensitive client data. As such, you need a team that is educated in cyber security and understands how to manage client data and keep their systems secure.

Therefore, you must demonstrate a strong commitment to cyber security. By providing regular cyber security awareness training to your team, you demonstrate dedication to keeping client data secure.

Increased client confidence can also increase customer loyalty and improve retention rates. Clients are more likely to stay with MSPs committed to their security needs. By investing in cyber security awareness training, MSPs can foster a sense of trust and loyalty with their clients, leading to long-term relationships and a more stable revenue stream.

Add cyber security awareness training to your services

When you partner with a cyber security awareness provider, you can also offer training as part of your services. Offering cyber security awareness training differentiates you from competitors and opens up a new revenue stream.

As businesses become more aware of the risks posed by cyber security threats, they might prefer to choose MSPs that offer cyber security services beyond technology defences, as threat actors can bypass these. By providing cyber security awareness training as part of your services, you can boost your clients’ cyber security by focusing on strengthening their people and processes.

What’s more, offering cyber security awareness training can lead to additional revenue streams. You can provide clients with ongoing training and consulting services, helping them stay up-to-date on cyber security threats and best practices. These services can be a source of recurring revenue and can help build long-term client relationships.


Cyber awareness training can improve risk management for your MSP business by creating a cyber security culture and improving how your team handles client data and systems. When you partner with a cyber security awareness provider, you can offer your clients training services and make their team the first line of defence against cyber threats.

Why partner with Layer 8 for cyber security awareness training?

Our Cyber Escape Rooms are a tried and true method of ensuring your team gains and retains valuable cyber security and awareness knowledge. Whether working remotely or finding a cause to get the team back together, we can tailor a physical or virtual Cyber Escape Room to suit your group. You can book a preview session to learn more about the fun and engaging experience.

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