Do you have a comprehensive security awareness program?

Let’s admit it, we all live in the digital age, no matter what you do or who you work for, information, and communications are an integral part of our lives and successes of our economy.

Emails keep your company connected; important charts, data and figures keep your projects competitive. In the wrong hands, however, all of this digital information can lead to security breaches that can cause data and financial losses, as well as damage to your company’s reputation in the marketplace as a result of improper or inattentive human behaviour.

For these reasons and many more, you should seriously consider implementing a comprehensive security awareness program within your organization.

A security awareness training program can be defined as a series of formal and informal learning activities and resources designed to raise employees’ awareness of corporate policies and procedures for working with information technology and sensitive data, improve their skill set for avoiding risk, and promote a positive attitude toward secure behaviour. We will share the key elements of an effective security awareness training strategy, some of the major pitfalls that can render security awareness training ineffective, and additional information to consider when implementing a security awareness program to secure your company’s digital property and information.

Why Should You Care? An IBM study found that up to 95 percent of all security incidents involved human error. Many other surveys have found similar No matter how intelligent, competent, and devoted your staff is, without the right knowledge and training, your company is vulnerable to a plethora of security threats. A closer look at internal negligence, loosely defined as any unintentional actions committed by staff members that results in your company’s data being leaked or ending up where it shouldn’t, will further illustrate why every successful company and organization, large and small, can benefit from an effectively designed and managed security awareness training program.

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