Security awareness Training and Facilitated Learning

When people mention Security Awareness Training, let’s be honest, no one ever woke up in the morning, excited about the need to do a security awareness training course at work.

One of the problems is, to them it’s boring, irrelevant, and uninteresting. As such, staff want to get through the training as quick as possible. This usually doesn’t ensure that the content was absorbed or that any behavioural change has occurred.

To address this, Layer 8 security has developed many innovative interactive security awareness courses and games utilising the services of a facilitator to run scheduled courses with your staff for any learning content.

Our facilitators will take your staff through your eLearning courses utilising video conferencing facilities.

What this does is:

  • It improves learning and retention rates,
  • It aids in team building,
  • It ensures that people communicate and interact with each other
  • It makes the learning experience fun and educational for all staff.
  • It provides real-time examples during the training
  • It manages the personalities to ensure that even the introverts get to participate and learn.
  • And it provides questions and answers during the course

It has been proven that this form of training has a higher knowledge retention rate and encourages staff to participate in this fun experience.

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