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As Cyber-crime increases in volume and severity, we need to look at the most effective ways of combating the cyber criminals.

Technology alone isn’t the answer. 52% of all security breaches are caused by human error.

The business impact can be seen as corporate reputation loss, leaked intellectual property to competitors, financial loss, or even loss of customer confidence.

Any of these could be fatal to your business.

Security Awareness Programs

Our methodology employs a model of establishing a measurable baseline, performing targeted education, providing continuous reinforcement material, and then, reassessing to ensure a measured increased awareness and subsequent changes in behaviour.

– Baseline Tools and Services to provide your organization with the ability to measure and realize your investment in the Security Awareness program and subsequently, show the real return on investment from implementing an innovative Security Awareness Program.

– Security User Awareness Training services, run continuously, focusing on the areas that require attention.

– Security Reinforcement materials, to reinforce the message.

– Ascertainment to conclude the measurement of the success of the program.

This methodology has helped our customers change behaviours and culture within their organisations and subsequently reduce the risk.

Baseline – (Gap Analysis)

At Layer 8 Security, we create custom knowledge assessments, targeted analysis questionnaires incorporating Likert technology, one on one interviews, SOC and Help desk incident analysis, as well as simulated attack tools to diagnose your organization’s potential vulnerabilities and determine where your employees are most susceptible to being attacked and educate them what to watch out for.

This provides a Baseline in which you can measure the maturity of your staff against and the success of the program.


This process starts with a personal, exciting and engaging session with your staff, to help them understand what the program is all about and why they should actively undertake a proactive approach to cyber security awareness.

We then offer to maximize learning and retention with a broad set of focused interactive training modules.

To further enhance the experience, this is then followed up with regular engagements to update them on their progress and any new attack vectors being encountered around the world.


Reminding your employees about best practices by bringing messaging into the workplace and providing methods for them to report suspicious activity, providing positive feedback for each reporting instance.

Share articles, display posters and images, reward participants with security-minded gifts, and more.


In order to ensure the success of your program, measurement of the success of the behavioural change of the participants needs to be undertaken and compared to the results from the baseline assessment done earlier.
Just looking at the quantity of help desk tickets is unlikely to provide any insight into the success of the awareness training program.

We often find that after the program, the quantity of tickets addressed via the help desk increases as the employees are now more aware of what to look for and hence, what they report to the help desk.

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