Why undergo a cyber security and behaviour audit?

A cyber security and behaviour audit identifies vulnerabilities in an organisation’s digital systems and physical security by targeting user behaviour that could result in a data breach. It involves assessing the organisation’s technical infrastructure, examining user access control policies, analysing network traffic logs, and evaluating employee attitudes towards protecting the business premises.

With the ever-evolving nature of cyber attacks, it is essential to review and update your security practices regularly with an audit. A cyber security and behaviour audit can help you detect existing vulnerabilities and develop strategies to address them. This blog will discuss three reasons why conducting an audit is important.

Increases awareness of physical and digital security threats

A cyber security and behaviour audit provides employees with greater awareness of potential physical and cyber threats that could impact operations. The audit process involves:

  • Gathering evidence about existing practices and procedures.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of processes.
  • Implementing improvements based on the findings.

The audit process can give employees a better understanding of the risks associated with their daily activities, such as how to protect confidential information or respond appropriately in the event of a security breach. It also encourages individuals to be more vigilant and take proactive steps to guard against potential threats. For example, how do they respond if a stranger asks for help accessing your business premises?

In addition, a cyber security and behaviour audit can identify gaps in the organisation’s policies or procedures, allowing you to refine these and develop a more robust cyber security culture.

Reduces the risk of a data breach

A cyber security and behaviour audit can help you assess current security policies, procedures, and processes – protecting data from potential threats and human error. The audit will also examine employees’ data security behaviour by identifying risky practices that could potentially lead to a data breach. 

You can identify any weak points or potential risks by analysing the internal security environment. You can then take steps to address those issues and reduce the risk of a data breach. External audits provide an objective view of security procedures – helping you find areas for improvement or lack of compliance. It also increases employee awareness about data security, reducing the chances of a breach.

Improve regulatory compliance

A cyber security and behaviour audit can help businesses avoid costly penalties, fines and other compliance risks by uncovering issues that may not be readily visible. It is an important step in improving regulatory compliance because it helps identify areas of risk within the organisation.

A cyber security and behaviour audit can also identify potential vulnerabilities in the organisation’s systems and data, such as weak passwords or lack of encryption protocols. Knowing where weaknesses exist is essential for developing a secure system that meets regulatory requirements. It can also help businesses determine the best practices for mitigating risks related to sensitive data. 

The audit should include assessing employee security practices, such as using strong passwords and secure authentication processes. Additionally, a thorough review of physical security measures – like access control systems – should be conducted to ensure that data is kept safe from unauthorised individuals. The audit also needs to assess any software or applications used within the organisation and their ability to comply with industry standards.

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